What Is The Best Video Game Ever?


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Best video game ever? Questions don't come harder than that! I'm going to say TimeSplitters 2 - although it's a pretty tough call.

Best video game ever GTA is one my favorite game franchises (I'm a big fan of all Rockstar Games releases to be honest), but I'd have a hard time picking which instalment I prefer.

I'm also a fan of the old-school Mario games, my first console was a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), and I remember spending hours playing Super Mario Bros. After school.

Golden Eye on the Nintendo 64 was another iconic game of my childhood. The format revolutionised multi-player shooting games, and it had some awesome weapons and really fun characters.

The Halo games are also outstanding in terms of storyline, graphics and gameplay - as were Mass Effects.
Counter Strike took up much of my childhood, and I even formed a CS "clan" with other gamers at my school - such was my involvement in the game.

I'm also addicted to FIFA Football games, and love building up teams with under-rated players just like a real team would.

However, my number one game of all time has to go to TimeSplitters 2 (which was released on the XBOX, PS2, and Nintendo GameCube).

Here's my thinking behind that choice:

  • The game allowed you to teleport through time, and complete challenges in different eras.
  • There were so many characters to choose from, and they were all quirky and interesting.
  • A wide array of weapons to choose from made the game exciting.
  • Multiplayer mode and arcade mode were equally good - most games focus on one or the other.
  • The soundtrack was excellent.
  • You could create your own maps.
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Asuka Jr. answered
I'm afraid that is entirely a matter of personal perspective. I for one, am not terribly fond of the Metroid games, so I'd have to disagree with 1tothemax, and say...

Probably a game on the PS2 called "Ico" (not to be confused with "Ecco the Dolphin). The feeling I got at the end of Ico was unlike any other game I had ever before (or since) played.

It all comes down to what type of game you like, and what game best fits your personal preference.

Good luck, and I hope this has helped a little.
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katie rupper answered
I like guitar hero, grand theft auto, or halo.
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bob o mahony answered
Fifa cod or gta
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Janey answered
Star Wars definitely just for the sheer fun and excitement of playing the game.
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I agree with Mitch77777 not the best game ever though there could be a better one in the future.
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Dylan Lemke answered
On the consoles:

Xbox: Call of duty.
Nintendo (not a console but mario always wins on any nintendo console anyway): Mario
Playstation: I don't know! Twisted metal? Infamous? Portal?
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max atwood answered
Legend of zelda occorina of time.

Call of duty is a generic boring and repetitive shooting game. And halo is just as bad. They made a star wars video game? Zelda is unique and nostalgic. They are making a remake of legened of zelda ocorina of time for the nintendo 3ds!
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The best Video Game is ASSASSINS CREED SERIES.You will never regret playing this, it's such an awesome game from the Assassins creed series.

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This is my opinion since I haven't played too many video games but The Last of Us is a great video game.

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Well this isn't necessarily from preference, but one of the most hyped-for games I have seen in my time gaming is Five Nights at Freddy's 3.... Of course, it's not as if this was a beautifully crafted game, I'm only doing this by the mass of the community.

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Hello! It will have to be titles from the Mortal Kombat X series! If you are a gamer, you must have seen some of them, they are indeed pretty impressive. The game’s graphics are amazing and some of the videos made actually look like movies; let alone playing the games, I really enjoy watching them!

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The best video game ever is Hoi, a devilishly difficult but very addictive and colorful old school game for the Commodore Amiga. The game effectively celebrates elements from all kinds of classic games.
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In my opinion that would be Pokemon Soul Silver (I'm sure when I get it) or Inuyasha the video game (if I had it)! No wait. CALL OF DUTY!!!
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Zach G. answered
I absolutely fell head over heels for the first Call of Duty game, and every subsequent game after words.

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