What is the most realistic video game?


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kyle ekey , skyfall!!!, answered


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Gran theft auto 5, if you puncture your tyre you have to screw on a new 1 . You have to shower . You can play tennis golf. You can go to the cinema

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I think that Heavy Rain is a very realistic video game. Not only is the game design pretty realistic looking (given, it's an oldish game now), most tasks are done in real time and there are a counting of 17 different endings depending on every subtle differences in your in game choices. It's very explicit and doesn't shy away from making the world seem real, even if it's very horrifying sometimes. It establishes its characters very well and makes their struggles seem very real and believable. It is very reliant on you making the right choices in a very quick time frame, like you have to in real life. It's a very hard game.

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I'll say all of the GTA games

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Heroes of the Storm. If you don't know this game yet, read

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When I read your question, I immediately thought about GTA 5. This is a very realistic game that is made like Los Angeles. I can say that this is my favorite game. I met her about five years ago. I've been playing the same game all this time. Now I'm thinking of downloading another game. I found a lot of cool reviews for many video games on this site I also want to get feedback and find out what games you play!

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