What tips do you have for reducing battery drain on an iPhone?


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Joe B. answered
In my limited experience..... I do not have a 'smart phone' but I know where I worked was a problematic source for my phone.
It was reinforced concrete, built like a brick sh... House.
And while it was searching for a optimal signal for hours, this drained my battery like crazy.
My phone, in the open could sustain a charge and call capacity for 5 days minimum.
But in this facility I needed to charge it nightly... The only way to avoid nightly plug ins was to turn it off inside, to avoid the wondering draining.
Hope this helps you in your inquiry.
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scott answered
Make sure your sometimes do a complete charge down to ensure the life of the battery.

  • turn off push notifications
  • turn off 3g
  • turn off wifi
  • turn off bluetooth
  • reduce brightness
  • seems obvious but only turn it on when you need to use....don't click it on and off
  • you could also buy a power cover that acts as a case and provides extra power
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Ahmed Khammas answered
Turn the brightness down
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Lee Goodall answered
Turn offf the back light, put power saving to on
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Tim O'Shea answered
Try turning off wifi and bluetooth when you don't need them.

But what I do us always have it charging whenever I'm not using it, either from a wall charger, a docking station or directly to my PC.
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ethan kik answered
It will also make a huge difference if you turn off 3g and reduce screen brightness

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