How Do You Reduce Photo Mb Exporting?


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Reducing the file size of a photo is achieved by reducing the actual image size and saving the resulting smaller image.

This can of course be done in any image editing application. Here is how to do it in a few simple steps using Microsoft Paint.

After opening Paint, the required photo is opened by going to the 'File' menu and selecting 'Open' on the drop-down list.

This will then display a panel from which the folder containing the photo in question can be accessed. All the folders on the computer are listed on the left of this panel.

Finding and selecting the required folder by clicking on it will show its contents in the larger area on the right.

Unless the name of the required file is known, it helps to click on 'Views', situated on the top of the panel, and selecting either 'Medium Icons' or 'Large Icons'.

It is now possible to see a thumbnail of all listed images. Double clicking on the required file will open it.

The next step is to click on 'Image' and selecting 'Resize/Skew', which opens another panel.

The top half of this panel contains two fields, 'Horizontal' and 'Vertical', both showing a value of 100. Reducing both values to 50 and clicking 'OK' will reduce the photo size by half.

Should this be too small, clicking 'Undo' on the 'Edit' menu drop-down list will restore it to the original size and a larger amount can be entered after re-opening 'Resize/ Skew'.

Once the desired image size has been achieved, the photo is saved as a JPG by clicking on 'File' and selecting 'Save as', which will ultimately produce a file of a smaller size.

If the original image is to be retained, the new file should be saved under a different name.
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It is very effortless to reduce the photo size of the photograph. First make a backup of your old file. There are some options to reduce the photo size. Open your photo in any image editing software and make the size of image smaller. You do it by reducing it physically and decreasing dpi/resolution. Also you can remove the all needless background and focus on the important part of the photograph and the time of saving photo graph you have to choose the option such as 'save for the web' or like 'decrease the file size for web display'. You can also put your image resolution lower than 72 dpi that is dot per inch. After doing this you can zip this file with help of zip software to reduce the size of file. This will decrease the size of the photo for exporting.
EBINRAJ EBI answered
In photo shop we can reduce a photo of 4mb into about 400kb. While saving the image after editing  photo shop(not in 7) will ask the quality of image to be saved. Select a lower level.I use to do it for uploading photos in net.
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Open your image with mspaint->image->stretch and skew->define both as you want but I do 98% and 98%. That works for me and image size reduce but not the length and width.

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