How Was The Kodak DC40 Digital Camera Invented?


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Because scientists are inquisitive people, research is often carried out just to see what happens, or to see if an existing idea can be adapted to do something else.

So with computers being a potentially big market, and computers all working with digital data, scientists naturally wondered if you could create an image where the data that formed it was stored as numbers, rather than as a mixture of chemicals trapped in a piece of plastic. The very first digital camera was invented in 1975 by Kodak , but stored its images as signals on cassette tapes. It was not a very practical device, weighing about 9 lbs!.

It was quite a while before digital cameras as we know them became common.

The scientists at various research labs tried to create the sensors we now use in cameras to improve on the original, and initially the images produced were very low quality.

But like many things, a series on gradual improvements occurred in many differrent parts of the digital camera technology, and things improved. A product like the Kodak DC40 is not invented from scratch, it builds on lots and lots of small improvements made in many other cameras.

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