How Can I Do Passport Size Photos On My Digital Camera?


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Passport size photos can be printed in any photo shop. You can also create a passport photo at your home, with the help of your printer. To do this you need to have Passport Photo Editor Software installed in your computer.

Select the photo, which you want to print. Also select the size for your passport photo. The best option would be to choose the customized size for your photo. You will see that the "cropping window" changes, after you select your desired photo size. You need to drag over the face on the photo and resize. Photos are involuntarily selected for printing. You can save the file and ask any photo shop to print it for you. Ask the shopkeeper to print it without border. Or you can also print it at your house, with help of a printer.
To print the passport photo at your home, all you have to do is click on "Save Print File" or "Print Now". The software does the rest of the work.
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The quickest way to answer this question if you are using WindowsXP is simply:

1) Take the photo.
2) Connect camera to PC and copy over pics.
3) Download the Image Resizer Powertoy from here.
4) Install the Power Toy.
5) Right click on your image, and click on "Resize Picture".
6) Set it to the passport photo dimensions (which is 35mm x 45mm, not sure of that in pixels!).

More info on using the Image Resizer can be found here.

Hope this helps.

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