How Can I Transfer Photos From My Digital Camera To A Computer When I Am Travelling?


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Rosy Christia answered
You have to do simple things. Just plug in your digital camera with your computer via USB cable which you have got with your digital camera. Then go to "My Computer" you will see a Removable disk drive. Click on that and open the folder where you have saved your photos and copy it and paste in your folder in your computer where you want to. All photos will easily get transfer while you are travelling.
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If you will spending an extended period of time backpacking through Europe, or on a longer trip, it can be very tempting to view your digital photos in a larger size, rather than on your camera's preview screen.

If you have access to a computer, such as your personal laptop, or one at an internet café, your first step should be to download a free copy of the photo sharing program designed for your camera. For example, if you have a Kodak camera, you should download Kodak Easyshare to your computer. The program's 6.2 version is available for free at the website.

If you are using a public computer at an internet café, you may have to ask permission from the manager or clerk to download files to the computer, as the system may block users from doing this.

You must also be sure to bring with you your USB cable, so that you can connect your camera to the computer you are using. Once you have transferred your photos, you can either burn them to a disk, or you might consider saving them on Facebook, if you already have an account. Facebook provides unlimited storage space for displayed photos.

Unless you must free up memory on your camera, it is better if you do not delete downloaded pictures, as you will probably want to keep a back-up copy until the end of your trip, just to be on the safe side.

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