How Do I View My Friends' Photo Albums On Facebook?


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Anonymous answered
If your friend allow to see his/her photo, then you can go his/her profile and then select photos and you can see one by one properly.
If that person is set private settings like no one can see this photo, then you can't check that well
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Louise Gorman answered
Log into your Facebook account. on the left, there is a menu. Click on 'Photos'. This should display all the photo albums that your friends have added. You can view their recent photos albums and your can also view recently tagged friends.

To view an entire album, either click on the title of the album, or you can click on the main photo of the album.

Another way of accessing a friend's photo album is by clicking on their picture and visiting their profile. In the 'Photos' section of their profile, click on the picture to view the entire album.

You can leave comments on any pictures in your friends' albums by clicking on a picture, typing your comment in the box below 'Add a comment' and then clicking 'Add your comment'.

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