Can I Make My Facebook Profile Private?


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Yes, you can make your Facebook profile private.

Protecting your own privacy and preventing identity theft are extremely important online and, when using a social networking site you can set your own profile to a private mode and be more secure.

Only certain friends that you have approved will then be able to see your personal account information.

Sometimes you will get a few friend requests that have no mutual friends connected - so to avoid this hassle and to make the process easy, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Log onto your own Facebook account by typing in
  2. Click on "Account” - which is near the right upper corner of the profile page, then click on "Privacy Settings”.
  3. Select "Recommended”, "Friends Only” or "Friends of Friends”. Then review these settings just to make sure that you approve, then click on "Apply These Settings”. As an example, if the "Friends Only” setting is used, then only approved friends will be able to see your profile info, posts and pictures.
  4. Alternatively, you can control who sees what types of information by selecting "Customize settings”.
  5. You can also select options for different features on Facebook such as on the Wall where only you will be able to view them. The Wall is where comments from all your friends will be posted.
  6. Click on "Edit Your Settings” which is under Websites and Applications on the lower left-hand corner. Each setting must then be edited according to your desired levels of privacy.
  7. Click on "Back to Privacy” then click on "Edit your Lists” which is under the Block Lists section. This will block any individual and application from being able to search you or to send you a request on Facebook.
  8. Once all the changes have been made, click "Save”.
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"By default, only users within your networks and your confirmed friends can view your profile. You can adjust who can view your profile, however, by following these steps:

1. Please go to the Privacy page. (on upper right, mouse over settings)
2. On the following page click "Profile."
3. The main setting, entitled "Profile," will allow you to customize who can view your profile page.

On the most private setting, "Only Friends," only users who are your confirmed friends will be able to view your profile. If you want to have a very private profile this is a good setting to use. However, keep in mind that people who are not friends with you will have trouble identifying you. "
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Yes, you can. Log into your Facebook account and click on 'Privacy' in the top right. In the 'Profile' section, click on 'Edit Settings'.

You can now choose who can view you profile. You can either allow all your friends and all the people in your network to view your profile, some of your friends and the people in your network, or just your friends. Select one of these options from the drop down menu next to 'Profile'.

If you scroll further down, you can select who can view different features on your profile. You can select options for features such as the Wall (this is where all your comments from your friends are posted) so that only you can view them.

Once you have made all your changes, click on 'Save'.
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Go to your Facebook to change the settings. (If you do not know where to do, here's the link:

Social networks exist because users want to share, among other things, a photo of the salad they're about to enjoy. And there's nothing wrong with sharing stuff. You need to think about who you're sharing stuff with, though.

1. Go through the lists of people you're connected to.

While the social networks themselves are the ones responsible for storing your data securely, there are a few things you can do to ensure that people who aren't supposed to see your photos and posts don't do it.

2. Do not accept the one you do not know.

The good thing about social media is that it gives you a convenient way of connecting to a lot of people. You don't want to be connected to all the people all the time, however, which is why when you see a friend request from a person you've never met, your best bet is to ignore it. This also minimizes the chances of falling for a clever scam.

3. Review your privacy settings

Removing strangers from the list of friends or followers will stop them from communicating with you, but it might not stop them from seeing what you post. That's why it's crucial to review your privacy settings. These settings let you choose what people from the outside world can and can't see.

To learn more about how to protect your privacy online, you could follow some tech blog like Cyclonis, and Mashable.

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