How Can I Change My Profile Skin In Facebook?


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This site will give you access to more than 50,000 different skins for Facebook: and you will not be asked to install any add ons, or toolbars to do it.

If you decide that 50,000 are not enough for you, you can also design your own skins, though it is difficult to believe that you would not find something that you like. There are also lots of different features and they are adding to these constantly.

To make it easier for you to find the skin that is exactly what you are looking for, the ones that are on offer are all separated into different categories, for example, sports; fourth of July; cars; floral; animated, military and movies and TV. Naturally, to cover 50,000 different, this is only a tiny example of what is available.

You will be able to get live updates on Facebook skins and features by checking out the Facebook Fan Page. To encourage you to use this page, you will not receive any information about this page on the original site; they tempt you by giving absolutely no information away.

To be able to access all of the skins, you must first register with the site. Once you have become a member, you will be able to create an unlimited number of skins, and you will also be able to save your skins to your account so that you can use them whenever you like. If you want to share the skins that you have created, then this is also possible as you can submit them to the public layout gallery.

To get your skin onto your Facebook page takes less than a minute and will work with any browser. This may sound great, but the best bit is that it is free!
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check out that link and you'll be able to do that!
Just download and install it! In a couple of minutes you can have your FaceBook skin personalized ;)
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How can I change the skin of my facebook profile
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If you go onto google, type in "Free Facebook Skins" If should come up with a couple you can use. Some you don't need to download.
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You just go onto google and then select facebook skins and then download and put on to your facebook like so =]

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