Can I See Who's Been Looking At My Facebook Profile?


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The short answer is no.  According to Facebook’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and its help centre, Facebook doesn’t allow its users to track who’s been viewing their personal profile, or parts of their profile, such as their photos.  In fact, Facebook contends it has made tracking such views technically impossible.  At present, the only true way to be sure someone has viewed your profile or photos is if the viewer posts a message. 

Facebook is a social networking website operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc.  Anyone over age 13 who has a valid email address (and does not reside in one of the countries where Facebook is banned) can become a Facebook user. 

Facebook contends it removes third-party applications claiming to give users the ability to track who’s been viewing their profiles for violating Facebook’s profile and contact information privacy policy.   That said, there are still applications popping up on the internet that maintain they can allow you to peak at friends’ profiles without letting them know you’re checking them out.  Rumours are flying on the internet as to whether such applications are really viruses or spyware.  Play it safe.  Better check the official Facebook website for updates on whether there’s been any change in its privacy policy.  Facebook encourages users to report applications whose promises prove to be untrustworthy. 

Since Facebook’s was launched in 2004, one of its selling points has been that users won’t know when their profile is viewed.  Some users prefer such anonymity and the freedom it allows them to read other people’s profiles without feeling, or looking, like a stalker.
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If you want to learn if a person looked at your profile, look at the profile of that person. If you see yourself on his/her profile among friends photos, it means s/he has looked at your profile one or two days ago.
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Part of that is true along with the fact that you can set a setting where you can only allow certain people like your friends and family to see ur facebook page and posts and stuff like that...
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No. Unfortunately you can't. Facebook has it set up this way on purpose. There are some applications that would allow you to track who is looking but you have to have thier permission to run them (kinda kills it for me). Some people seem to think the friends who show up on your page are the most recent to have viewed your profile but I don't personally buy it.
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I have had this done twice already. I was looking at there profile thinking if I know the person and then they blocked me. They must know something you guys and I don't know

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