How do I see who viewed my Instagram profile?


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If you want to see who's viewing your Instagram profile, then an app called "My Followers" claims to do just that.

As well as letting you see which users viewed your instagram profile, it also gives you the following details:

  • New followers
  • Users who unfollowed me
  • Users who blocked me
  • Users not following me back
  • Followers I'm not following
  • My top likers
The option to find out who is viewing your profile is called "ghost followers".

The app costs $0.99 to download, and then the features with the padlock all cost extra money to unlock.
Can this app REALLY let me see people who viewed my Instagram account?
Actually, there seems to be some confusion about that. While the app store description seems to mention that as a key feature, I dug deeper and found negative comments.

If I'm going to pay money to download an app, pay extra money to unlock features... They better work!
Reading the negative comments put me off wasting my money.
It also got me thinking...
Why would Instagram want you to see who viewed your profile?
While seeing users who checked out your profile might be fascinating, very few social networks allow that (LinkedIn is the only one I can think of actually - and they really milk it to get people to upgrade to premium accounts!
The reason most social networks don't want to do that is that it will inevitably lead to one thing: People checking out each other's profiles less.
Users would be worried about their browsing activity being made public, the fact that they checked out someone's profile might give out the wrong impression or send signals they hadn't intended.
If users start worrying about these things, they'll stop being as active on Instagram.
Less users generally means less profit, so companies like Instagram or Facebook will be very reluctant to roll out such features, or allowing third-party apps to provide them.
I could be wrong, but I think the best way to enjoy Instagram is to connect with the people that make themselves known to you, and not worry too much about all the "ghost profiles" that are just drifting by your account.

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Hey there,

So Instagram actually doesn't let you see who viewed your profile. It's simply not part of what the platform is all about. I guess the thinking behind that is that people would stop using the service as much if they thought people could see every time you checked out their profile.

It's the same deal with Facebook and many other platforms.

How to see when someone viewed your profile.

If that sort of thing is important to you, then I'd recommend taking part in a social network that does make that kind of thing available.

Here are some recommendations:

1. LinkedIn

It's a network for professionals and job hunters, and you can see some of the users who viewed your profile for free. To view all of them you have to pay a subscription.

2. Google+

This platform doesn't tell you who viewed your profile, but they do mention how many people have viewed it. It's kind of useful if you want to know how popular your profile really is.

So yeah, once again... Instagram does not allow you to see who viewed your profile. But there are other options out there if that's what you're interested in.

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I don't think you can see who viewed your Instagram profiles, but you can use apps like Unfollowgram, Statigram and Nitrogram to keep track of who is following you and what kind of people can see your profile on Instagram.

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Once you log in to your Instagram account in the app, you are able to see your profile photo, number of photos, followers, and following. Then you’ll see the “Instafy Me” button. Tapping on it will give you three options: Stats, Collage, and Facebook Cover.

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