Who Views My Twitter Profile?


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There is no way to see who views your Twitter profile.You can, however, see who reads your tweets. Every tweet you write is read by your followers.

In your account - under your name heading - is a little scoreboard showing how many people you are following, how many followers you have and how many tweets you have written.

If you click on the followers score, which is also a link, you can view who follows your twitter updates.

Each follower will have a small profile picture of that person, their name and a small blurb about them (if they have written one). These are the only people who have your tweets sent to them, although anybody can read your tweets.

From here, you can also view the profile of your followers and choose to follow them back, or unfollow them if you are already following them. You can also choose to mention them in your own tweets, block them or report them to a moderator. 

When you follow a person or Twitter account, they can see this information about you in the same way that you can. You can edit your profile, including your name, your profile picture, your blurb or tagline as well as some other features such as your background.

However, due to privacy reasons, Twitter won't let you see who you views your Twitter profile or Twitterfeed - but bear in mind that anyone can see your Twitter account if they look at your Twitter page. For this reason, it is important to be careful about exactly what you write and what information you give about yourself on Twitter.

The legality of Twitter as a broadcasting medium is still unclear and varies between countries, which is important when it comes to privacy laws and defamation.

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