How Can I Find Out Who Views My Twitter Page?


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Neil Grayson answered
There is no way to find out or see who has been viewing your Twitter page or how many times it has been viewed. Twitter is a social networking site which allows users to post short comments which will then be viewed by their followers or anyone who visits their page. It is common for Twitter users to post links to other websites of interest to both themselves and their followers. Photos may also be posted and the recent addition of hashtags means that when a hashtag is applied, the conversation can be easily followed and grouped together with other Tweets of the same or similar topic. Generally, Twitter is a very sociable site and if someone has come across your Twitter page, they may comment on one of your Tweets, Retweet it or share a link that they think you may be interested in. If someone has been looking at your profile, they will probably ‘Follow’ you because they are interested in the things that you are Tweeting. By ‘Following’ someone on Twitter, their Tweets will be posted into your feed so you can keep up to date with everything they are Tweeting and not miss out on something.

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