Can I tell who's viewed my profile on Blurtit?


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Lily Bradic answered

There's no way of finding out who's viewed your profile on Blurtit — sorry! However, if such a feature was added, it probably wouldn't be a good idea.

Why Being Able To Tell Who Visits Your Profile Is A Bad Idea

There's a reason that sites such as Facebook don't allow you to do this, and the reasons are probably similar for Blurtit:

  • People would be less likely to visit each other's profiles if they knew they were being 'watched'.
  • Visitors to your profile wouldn't want you to think they were being stalkerish or creepy!
  • Some users may feel uncomfortable about this
Let's face it — this is the internet, and people do like viewing each other's profiles. If you think somebody is interesting (or attractive!) you may view their profile more than most people.
People like the privacy to do this. Even if I visited someone's profile all the time, I'd probably be a bit creeped out to see that they'd visited mine just as much. I have no idea why this is.
Instead of being flattered by someone visiting my profile a lot, I'd probably feel a bit uncomfortable. I also wouldn't want people knowing that I'd looked at their profile once or twice, incase they thought it was creepy.
I might be the only one who feels this way — I'd love to know what other people have to say!

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