How Can I View Hotmail Profiles?


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Assuming the person of the Hotmail profile you want to view is already added to your friends list, you can view their profile by right-clicking the MSN ID of that person and selecting their contact details. However, if that person is not already added to your list, the privacy features may prevent you from accessing their details. This is the same privacy tool used to stop people accessing other people’s profiles on Facebook.

If you want to view someone’s profile, it’s best to send them a request and add them to your list. Although some websites promises to ‘surpass’ security checks to allow you to access someone’s profile, it is probably best to avoid this solution. To send an invitation to the person, you will need to sign into Hotmail first. If you do not already have a Window’s Live ID account, it is quick and simple to sign up - just press the ‘sign up’ button and fill in the registration form. To search and add someone, click on the search bar in the top-right hand corner of the page and select ‘Search people’.

You will be redirected to a page where you can type in the name and other details of the person you are trying to find. Remember, the more information you provide (via the ‘advanced search’ link), the better as the search tools will be able to allocate that person more accurately. When you press ‘Search’, several pages of possible candidates will pop up, each with an avatar or personalised picture. Once you have found the person you are looking for, press ‘Add’ and add a message box (only if you want to) before sending the invitation and waiting for the person to accept your request.
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You can right click on any of your MSN messenger contacts and click view, then view the contact card and profile.

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