How Can You View Someones Bebo Profile When Its On Private Without Adding Them?


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No you can't. You need to be friends with that person in order to leave them comments, view their photos or send them a message. The only way you can view their bebo profile without adding them as a friend is if their profile is set to public. You CAN however view the person's current profile picture when their bebo profile is set to private. It's simple. You just find the person your looking for in the search for a friend on bebo text box, hit search and then see if their profile is set to private. If it is go back to their small picture (the one you found in the search results), right click on the picture and click View Image. You will see nothing but the small image on a new browser tab page. To see a larger version of the image click on their name from the search results and if their profile is set to private, it should come up with a page titled Bebo - Sorry, No Can Do with a larger version of the image on the page, to get that image alone, right click on the image and click on View Image. Image larger.

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