Can You Tell Who Is Watching Your Facebook Profile?


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No, you cannot see who is viewing your Facebook profile page, and likewise no one can track whose pages you simply view either. There are plenty of applications which claim otherwise but these are false. The website which specialises in exposing Internet scams, falsehoods and exaggerated claims, explains that downloading these types of social networking applications is not advisable, the best you can hope for is a random list of your facebook friends plucked from thin air. The list is purely arbitrary and has no relation to how many times any particular person has viewed your profile. The worst case scenario is that you will have inadvertently signed up for an expensive text messaging service or downloaded spyware, but more often the most common use of this scam is simply as an unscrupulous marketing practise, harvesting your email and personal details for spamming purposes.

In actual fact the social networking website itself states through the official FAQ's page that "Facebook does not provide applications or groups with the technical means to allow people to track profile views or see statistics on how often a particular piece of content has been viewed and by whom". There have been past instances of applications getting around Facebook's filters but everytime a new one that 'works' is found the Facebook developers have put a stop to it. The website explains that software applications claiming to offer such functions are breaching the websites terms of use and as such it is advised that all applications of this nature are reported to Facebook via the report button on the application's page.

The technology forum 'Grown Up Geek' have helpfully tested a number of the profile viewing applications available, which can be viewed at and in each case the verdict has been the same: Scam.
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No and yes. No is it doesn't say when, yes is that you have a wall that says if they commented you or friends
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No you can't
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There are lots of applications that a[parantly let you ie doorbell or who is watching you but peeps ive spoke to claim its a big cxon

so I'm not sure

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