How Do I Make A Turtle On Facebook Chat?


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  • How to make a turtle on Facebook chat?
Go to and you will be able to download different emoticons for your Facebook chat. There are hundreds to choose from and they will brighten up your chatting experience on Facebook and make the person you are chatting to smile. There is a turtle available within the pack that you can download for free along with many others such as penguins, robots and sharks, sunbathing smileys, smileys sending flowers, smileys skiing.

  • What is Facebook chat?
Facebook chat is a feature on Facebook, the world's most popular social networking site, that allows users to chat instantly online with their friends. It is a version of instant messenger and appears on the bottom right hand corner of the Facebook page. You have to be online to use Facebook chat and 'appear online' too in order for your friends to see that you are available.

  • Why use smileys and emoticons on Facebook chat?
Smileys and emoticons are great fun and add a bit of interest into a conversation. That can be funny or meaningful and are an easy way of expressing your emotions. It is easier to send a smiley face rather than saying 'I am happy'. Emoticons are also perfect for awkward or uncomfortable conversations and can often express the emotions that you may not wish to say out loud. It may be easier for a boy to send a girl he fancies a virtual bunch of flowers than to directly tell her he likes her. They are also quick and easy ways of expressing a message without having to type the message out. Some emoticons are simply for fun and have no other intention other than to make people smile. There are many emoticon packages available for download across the internet and you can often download a selection that you feel you will use the most.
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There is no turtle freely available yet. A lot of people have started a fun campaign to ask Facebook to provide a turtle icon, and if enough of you sign it they will probably do it. You can sign up here and join the campaign if you like.
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Well...the turtle,I guess you want to draw it in the chat can use the whole page with every line contains many will get the clear image

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