Is There A Maximum Length For A Facebook Private Message?


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Unlike wall posts on Facebook, private messages that you send and receive within your inbox do not have a maximum length. The only limitations that the private messages do have are the amount of friends you can send one message to, currently twenty five, and the size of files you choose to send within a message.

Private messages on Facebook allow you to send a message to a friend without everybody else being able to read it on their wall. This allows you to send information that is essentially private with the reassurance that only the friend you intend to send it to can read it. Facebook’s private messaging also gives you the option to send a message to multiple people to which any of the receivers can reply. This message will continue as an ongoing multiple chat where each user will be able to see and respond to each reply and be notified when anyone else contributes to the conversation. Facebook stores all of your written private messages so if, for whatever reason, you should need to retrieve the history of your messages it is simple to do so. In your private conversation with another friend, Facebook will automatically show the most recent messages you have both sent spanning the last few days. In order to see the whole history, select the ‘See All Messages’ button at the top of the conversation. This will allow you to retrace back to any message you wanted to find, either by scrolling through or using the search function on your computer to find a keyword. You should be aware of the privacy issues involved in using Facebook. As all records of everything you do on the site are stored indefinitely, be careful when choosing the information you decide to send to a friend, even via private message. You should not send passwords or bank account details this way to ensure the best security of your details.
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I just did a test, it appears the max length for a private message is 9,900 characters
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Yeah the maximum lenght is around 10 000 characters, and you can't send more than 1000 message in the same thread
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The maximum character limit depends on if you are talking on the message screen or on the chat toolbar. If you are on the message screen, the maximum character limit for a message is 262,117 characters.
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Yeah the maximum lenght is around 10 000 characters

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