Does Facebook Password-finder Work?


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A Facebook Password Finder is a tool that claims to enable you to gain access to a Facebook user’s account. Facebook is a free social networking site, which allows users to look at friends’ photos, tell people what they are doing, find out what other people are doing and play games.
Despite the fact that many things on Facebook are public, many things can be made private if the user wants to. However, there are people who want to find out what these private messages and photos contain so try to ‘hack’ the account of people they know. This leads to people creating software to try and discover passwords and the Facebook Password finder is one of these.
Whether it works or not is a difficult question to answer. The only way to find out is to use it. However, this is not something that is recommended. Firstly, hacking someone’s Facebook account is morally wrong, especially to find out things that are private. Things are kept private for a reason and using covert hacking to get answers is rarely an adequate solution. Secondly, there is a risk that the software that finds out someone’s password is illegal, contains a virus or both. The website that offers the Facebook finder says it is legal, but as they are trying to distribute a product, they are unlikely to say it is illegal. Also, as it is free and therefore seemingly low risk, there is a very good chance that downloading this software could infect your computer with a virus that enables them to access your personal information and you could lose money and data without even getting to password of the Facebook user, so, whilst I don’t know if the Facebook Password Finder works, I would strongly recommend you don’t use it.
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It does not work at all!

It tries to give you the info from your own pc, but fails to do this, in case you don't save your passwords...

It's a scam

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No it doesn't work for now, I is only an imagination now. If it still works what will be happen? If everybody has a facebook password finder? I think facebook wiil turn to hell.

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