How To Get Coins Easily In Facebook?


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Assuming you're talking about the popular Facebook game Farmville, you can build up your money on Farmville by only planting strawberries in your farm. You'll need to do this three times a day or the first three days. Once you have completed this step, you will need to add even more plots of strawberries as you begin to progress through a large number of levels. Make sure, too, that you don't purchase anything but the berries to grow. This will waste your coins and ultimately, it's the plot of strawberries that is going to make you the most money.

You'll then need to plant the whole field with strawberries every day in the future, as many times as is actually possible for you. Once you are able to start using the whole farm plot, which is 12 squares by 12 squares equating to 144 squares, you can make sure that all of the squares are packed full of strawberries. This means that you will be spending 1,440 coins, but earning 5,040 coins for every single square. That means you will be making a profit

Plant the whole field with strawberries day after day for as many times as you can. Once you can use your whole plot (12 squares by 12 squares= 144) for strawberries, your profit is 3,600 each square (earnings-cost=profit). Complete this three times a day and you have $43,200. You should keep progressing in terms of the amount of money you earn; it will continue to grow for as long as you continue with the proven successful strawberry growing method. You can expand your Facebook Farmville plot quickly, too, by adding neighbors. You'll soon be able to purchase an even bigger farm.
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You can get coins easily in facebook by taking quizzes! :P and becoming a fan of "SoEulmates Quiz attack!" in facebook! Really! Enjoy! If you do this you can get upto 1000 fb coins! :)

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