How to get foreign friends on Facebook?


6 Answers

Enter any anonymous(unknown) name in search tab on your facebook account and then send the friend request..

Hope you will find more foreign friends  soon..
siva kumar Profile
siva kumar answered

In Facebook, add your location as which country to you want it helps you to get foreign friends automatically...

Itay roni Profile
Itay roni answered

its pretty easy to make, just follow the instructions that Facebook "Help" provide.

Bella Chow Profile
Bella Chow answered

You can search the the users' name or location on Facebook! Remember to search the keywords...

Karl Sagan Profile
Karl Sagan answered

First of all, you can travel! That is how you get foreign friends! My last trip to Russia gave me so many cool bodies. I enjoyed visiting that place. And Really planning to come back in December, as I'll have my vacation. At the moment im in process of apply for russian visa. It is actually super easy with that service that I found! No worries at all.

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