How Can I Get A Password To My Friends Facebook Account?


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If you've forgotten your Facebook password and are unable to log in, the site will unfortunately not email it to you like many others. This is because it doesn't 'know' your password, but rather recognises when you have typed it in correctly, as opposed to wrongly. So, if you've lost track of your Facebook password, your best bet is to click the 'Forgot your password?' link underneath the Password box as you log in. This will take you to a page where you will first have to enter the difficult-to-read words as part of a security check. If you're struggling to read the words you can try some different ones, or listen to them. Next you'll enter the email address you use for Facebook, or possibly your mobile number if it's connected to your account. Then press 'Continue': This will take you to a conformation page, where it will ask you if you really do want to reset your password (if you have forgotten it this is basically your only option so you'll have to go ahead, or create a whole new Facebook account. Either way you get a new password so this is probably the simplest route to go down). Click 'Reset my password'. If you typed in your email address earlier, it should tell you that an email has been sent, which explains how to reset your password. When you receive this email, you will be given a conformation code: Enter this into the box (on the page telling you about the email) that says 'Conformation reset code' to the side of it, and press 'Submit'. This will take you to a new page. At the top of this will be your Facebook email address, and underneath two more boxes: One for you to input your new Facebook password, and one to re-type it to conform it. Click 'Change password' when you are done.

This might seem way too long-winded and difficult: Surely it would be far easier for Facebook to just send you your password in an email, and then you wouldn't have to go through all the fuss? However, obviously this is far less secure than the process you actually do have to go through: If you didn't delete the email anybody could get hold of your password. However, be warned that if you do follow this through you are hacking into the account. Which is illegal and should not be done without the owner of the accounts permission.
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