How To Hide My Friends In Facebook?


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There are actually a few ways you can do this.
The first is very straight forward, but may not solve your issue entirely, as you may be asking how to hide your friends from the people that are on your friend's list. This option only helps if you want to hide your friends from those that have stumbled across your profile and are not on your friends list.  If you'd like to hide your friends for this reason, please locate the 'Profile' link under the Privacy tab of your account and click onto the drop down menu labelled 'Friends'. You can then select this to 'Only My Friends'. What this means is that the only people that can view your friends list are your friends that you have added. No outsiders or 'passers by' visiting your page will be able to view your friends list once this option has been selected.
You can also 'create a friends list' and this may be more helpful if you're looking to hide certain friends from certain people, or hide them completely. To do this copy your 'All Friends' list onto a new list and use that list as the list of friends on the Privacy page. Add that new list to the section that allows you to choose 'Who sees my friends?' and put that list in the 'except these people' option. Then, whenever you add a new person, just remember to put them in that file. This should then prevent anyone seeing your friends.

The only way, it seems, of hiding mutual friends on Facebook, is to block them altogether. Facebook will not notify someone that you have blocked them, but neither of you will be able to see the other, and so you will, in effect, be hiding them.

Blocking someone on Facebook is not a permanent thing; if you wish to allow them to see and contact you again you can. However, if you decide to do this, you will not be able to block them for a full 48 hours.

  • How to block somebody on Facebook

Blocking somebody on Facebook could not be easier; once you are logged in you will be able to see a button on the top left of the screen named account. By clicking this, a list of other buttons should become available; the one you need to click on to is called privacy settings.

You should have now reached the privacy setting page. At the bottom of this you will be able to see a little section called block lists. Here you will be able to add or remove people, and as this is what you are after doing, you need to click on it.

All that you have to do from here is add the person's name that you no longer wish to be able to communicate with, and click block. From here on in, neither of you will be able to contact each other in any way, shape, or form, unless you decide to unblock them.  

  • About Facebook

Facebook is a popular online social networking site that allows people of all ages to communicate with each other across the world. It is free to use, making its money from businesses that wish to advertise there.
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1. Click on Profile on the blue bar at the top of the screen.

2. Scroll down to the beginning of your Friends list and click on the pencil to the right of the word Friends.

3. Uncheck the box that says “Show Friend list to everyone”.

More at : How to hide friends list on Facebook
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I don't think you guy understand what we are asking... We need help to hid friend's list from friends. For instant when they go on profile, I don't want certain friend's of mine to see who my friends are... We used to be able to do that, but now it's so complicated, I am starting to get a headache, and really thinking about deleting FaceBook
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You can't hide them from everyone but you can block people from seein it
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If you click on account > privacy settings > in the paragraph at the top called basic directory information click view settings > in see my friends list change the option to only me
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You can still do this on facebook through privacy settings go there and edit privacy setting and hide friends "Do Not Show to Anyone"
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I followed these instructions, but when I clicked "Preview how your Profile appears to another person" my Friends appear on the screen again! ....Is this a bug? Or do I need to do something else?
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That actually helped. I was able to hide my friends list on FB away from one of my stalkers! Thanks a lot :)
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Though Friend list could be hidden from a Facebook user profile page, Friend list and Friend of Friends list under "People You May Know" or Find Friends will NOT be hidden. Privacy of protecting friend list is still threatening.
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For new id ....goto privacy settings then there is this text written connecting on facebook click on view settings then who can see my friend list select custom clik on edit there will be only me click on that and your done ...
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You can't anymore. Here is what it says when you want to do this. You have a box to check or uncheck before... "Show Friend List to everyone-Note: Your Friend List is always visible to Friends"
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Log in on your FB,, then go to your ACCOUNT and click on your PRIVACY SETTINGS and look for *CONNECTING ON FACEBOOK* and click on VIEW SETTINGS and look for the SEE YOUR FRIENDS LIST.. I wish this could help.. ^^
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My name is Sany, I have little bit experience with Internet and I really want help you. If you have question or want to appreciate my help I will be very happy and God will bless us. Its very confuse  Follow my instructions, it‘s very easy.

This is Facebook New privacy *Hide your friends from everyone*

1.  Log in to your face book account
2. Do not click profile tab, stay in home section.
3. Look on your left below of your profile picture then click on   *Friends*
3. On the top but  middle page on your right hand you see   *Create a list*
4. Click on   *Create list*   then a small page will open upin front of you  contains all your   friends.
5. You will see where it tells you to name this list. Just type any name you want it to be (it could be your name or whatever.
6.  After you rename this list, Please select all of these friends on bottom so they can be saved in this list you just created. When you done click   *Create list*  then that small page will be close.
7. Look on the top of you profile, click   *Account*
8.  In account menu click    * Privacy setting*

Pay very attention  here:

9. On the top of  the privacy setting page, it says   .Choose Your Privacy Settings. And bottom of this it says    When you look careful on the bottom of this title there is a very small blue link that says *View setting*  then click.
10. After you’ve clicked on the *view setting *, you move to the next page
11. When you look on top of this page, it says
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Please read the following steps:

Log in to you facebook account
Click Settings -> Privacy Settings -> Profile-> Basic -> Friends ->Customize...
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There is no Friends bottum in Privacy to Customize if you have any thing els
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Wanna control my friends' privacy from some of my friends on facebook... Cann't do anything right now! Ahmad 123 right there is no Basic or Friends buttom to customize in Privacy now...

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