How To Get Deleted Friends Back On Facebook?


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Just ask them to be your friends again, and get them on in the same way as you did in the first place. When you ask them, you can always include a message explaining why they were deleted in the first place. If they don’t understand and refuse to accept you, they were probably not friends in the first place so don’t worry about it.

If you find that someone has deleted you as a friend on Facebook, you can still send them a message to ask them why. It could be an accident, or you may have done something to upset this person. If you both want to resume your friendship, then that’s easy to do. If they refuse to reinstate you, then you will have no option but to accept the situation.

If you want to avoid the same situation in the future, of deleting a friend, then you can just block them instead. This means that when you get mad with them, or they are irritating you, they won’t be able to contact you, but they are not deleted. Doing this means that when you decide they are not as bad as you thought they were you can remove the block and everything will be fine again. Be aware though, that it can take up to 48 hours for a block to be removed. Blocking someone doesn’t work with all applications though, so you may find that they are still there in some games, for example.

Reacting immediately to a situation is one of the downsides to the instant world that we live in. It is all too easy to get mad and send a text or an email (or delete your friends) without giving ourselves time to think, or to calm down.
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I deleted my friend by mistake and want get her back on now
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Add it back Duh !
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Add them back and say "Sorry, I clicked the wrong button and deleted you" I did it to my Mum once. LOL

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