Can I Get My Deleted Messages Back From Facebook?


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Facebook and other social networking sites have built in messaging systems that are generally limited in ways that your traditional systems are not.  There is no such feature as a trash folder or deleted items in Facebook and other social networking sites.  They are now trying to offer creative solutions to these limitations by offering things such as archiving messages.  Message archiving basically hides it from your view while still maintaining the original message. There are also settings available to send you copies of these messages in your private email accounts.  These are used by many techies as backups to their emails because they always delete their messages in Face Book and other less private forums. 

Because you cannot get those messages back, one way I have always advised clients to deal with this is to archive your older messages and only delete them when you are sure you do not need them anymore.  Information passed in FB messages should be transferred to another storage place and the messages deleted to maintain the security of that information if hacked.  Once you have had a message archived 30-90 days depending on your comfort level, it’s probably safe to delete them.  This is true for all email systems unless regulated by company policy or other legal means. 

The hacker’s knack for taking over Facebook accounts is staggering and frustrating to all who fall prey to them.  Making it a point to clear as much information out on a regular basis will help to minimize damages if your account is hacked.  So, while no, you cannot retrieve deleted messages in face book, you can have copies simultaneously delivered to other email addresses and use the archive feature for deletion staging.
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Try this may be you get your all messages, you have got email saying that you have got messages.Fine the email, click the link at the bottom of email, which brings you to facebook and the message center. Under the message , it will show you the deleted messages . Then, you will get show deleted messages, click that the message will reappear
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Usually when deleted, gone for good, there may be a way to retrieve but best to check with face book
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You should ask Facebook about that. Regrades :)

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