How Do I Know Who Looked Me Up On Facebook?


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Facebook doesn’t allow users to view who has checked their profile, or searched their names as this goes against the beliefs of the organisation. Technically, you can track which IP addresses have viewed your page. But to track specific people is illegal, if you want to stay within the site's rules.

There are a number of apps and sites which offer you the opportunity to see the details of people who have been viewing your profile, though these have often been found out to be scams and actually violate privacy laws. One such site was Unfaced, which provoked anger from the Facebook team and has lead to legal action.

It is far better to make sure that your profile and details are protected fully, so that if anyone does visit your page they are restricted on what they can see. This is done easily via the ’Privacy Settings’ option on the Facebook home page. You can allow only people you know to see your pictures and posts and block unknown users from being able to access your information.

It is worth remembering that as of 10th December  2009, Facebook automatically indexes your information on Google, which will allow people to view your info and photos. To disable this facility you must again got to the ’Privacy Settings’ option. Click on ‘Public Search Results’ in order to change the settings and control who views your page on a Google search and uncheck the box titled ‘Allow indexing’.
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No but if it was anybody you know really well you could recognize it.
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Yes you can if you go on your profile page where it seys frends you will c random people come up and everytime you refresh the sme people cum up agen and agen this shows you hus viewed it last

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