How Can I Know Who Visit My Facebook Profile?


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You may have seen the applications that scream at you ’see who views your profile’ or ’Have you seen who has viewed your profile’. The truth of the matter is that these applications are completely and utterly false, they cannot tell you who has visited your site. Even the applications that tell you who your ‘stalkers’ are simply go on how many times someone has commented on your profile or ‘liked’ a status.

There is no possible way of finding out exactly who visits your profile. But there are ways to control who gets access to your profile. If you want to allow only certain people to see your latest updates or you don’t want someone seeing your newest pictures the best way to control this is in the privacy tab. This can be found at the top right hand corner of any Facebook page by clicking on the account tab then privacy settings. From there you can set whether you want everyone to view everything, or whether you want only your friends to be able to view your profile and on here you are even able to block individuals from seeing certain sections on the site.

There are nine sections that you can control at what level someone can see the information, these are your status, photos and posts, Bio and favourites, family and relationships, photos and videos you’re tagged in, religious and political views, birthday, permission to comment on your posts, places you check in to and contact information.

So, if you don’t want your boss from work to see the latest pictures of your drunken night out, or you don’t want your ex partner getting any contact information but you don’t want to delete them, this is where you can alter the security.
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Amanda Wells answered
No, Facebook doesn't let users track who looks at their profile. If you are concerned about privacy you can keep most of your profile information private and only share it with the people you want to see it. On the other hand, other people will not know that you have looked at their profiles either.
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If you go on account settings click *friends* that means only friends can see your wall. Non- Friends can only see your picture
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You can't. Unless someone comments on a photo or leaves you a message. Hope I helped you
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Probs can't so don't bother thinking they might leave a message but if not I don't think you can but it dm as long as you don't accsept to peedafiles

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