Who Visited Your Facebook Profile?


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Are you wondering who might have seen your profile, whether it is friends or curious onlookers? A lot of people in recent months have been interested in just who is trying to find them on the Internet, but this comes with a downside. Many of the applications including ‘who visited your Facebook profile’ are troublesome. After users allow the application to be used on their Facebook page many have started to receive spam and now see the applications as scams.

Facebook will even caution against you using such an application since it is a way for information to be stored for the application and not necessarily a help to the actual Facebook user. For those who want to know who views their profile it is best to use Facebook options.

For example, with Facebook you can select who views your profile and who does not. If you are concerned about who is viewing your profile because you are concerned about privacy you have the option of blocking all but those you select. In other words privacy settings include ‘everyone’, ‘friends and friends of friends’, ‘friends’, ‘custom’, ‘or only me’.

If you select ‘only me’ that means no one will be able to view your profile. It is one of the best security features you have. If you are going to select who can look, then use the customised settings to choose which of your friends list can see your profile. If you do not mind all your friends viewing this information you could choose that level of security.

In this way you at least control who is able to view the profile information. This does not mean you won’t be found by friends seeking you, but it would make it more difficult for them to find the right ‘you'.

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