Is there a way of finding out who has visited your facebook page?


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alexia smith answered
Well if they leave a message or comment or something but if they don't do anything then you can't find out. But there is a game you can play that tells you how many boys have been looking at your page and how many girls. But it doesnt give names=)
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Lalala XD answered
Sadly no. You can see how many people viewed your profile but no names! :|
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M. S. answered
If there is anything it would be in facebook apps. Millions want it, as understand it, Other than apps, there is no other way,. Perhaps there's an app that may enable some script to work, my guess is due to TOS and privacy policy's, facebook won't allow it. One place to check is in the policy's in the developers corner
In 2009 there was an app called Fan Check that was rumored as a facebook profile tracker. Not long after it was approved, fan check was removed. In 2007 there was an app known as a facebook tracker called Trakzor aka The Mybloglog of Facebook - It no longer exists either.

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