How Can I Tell When Someone Has Visited My Face Book Profile?


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There is an application available for download on Facebook that will apparently allow you to see who has visited your profile.

If you search on the Facebook website when you are logged in, then you should be able to find some applications that claim to allow you to see a list of people who have viewed your profile the most in order.

There is also a rumour on the Internet regarding the list of six friends that appear down the left hand side of your profile page. Apparently, this will reveal to you that at least a few of these view your profile the most. Some people refresh their pages a certain number of times and see who appears the most.

The standard way for you to tell whether someone has visited your profile is if you get a notification saying that someone has left a comment on your wall, a picture or liked something that you have posted.

My guess is that there is no sure fire way to see if someone has paid a visit to your Facebook profile. This is because if Facebook told you this, then it would be going against their Privacy Policy. However, apparently if you work for Facebook you can see who has been on your profile page, although I am not sure whether this is true or not. Also, the necessary steps that need to be undertaken by you in order to install tracking features on your page are all blocked by Facebook.

There are dozens of groups on Facebook that claim to show you the correct way to see people who have looked at your profile. But these are outnumbered by the number of groups warning Facebook users to stay away from the applications and any external websites that claim they can help you.
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You will be alerted via SMS if you have been activated your mobile system.

and also when you will log on you will see there that some one has visited your profile..(their name will be displayed)..

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