How To Make Funny Faces On Face Book Chat?


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A full list of all the emoticons that can be created on Facebook chat is available online at These emoticons range from a penguin <(") to pacman :v.

To add them into your chats on Facebook, select a conversation and insert the text version of the emoticon into the chat bar. Once you have hit 'enter' the text will transform into an image within the chat conversation window.

There are also a number of Facebook pages and applications that can be installed on a Facebook profile that enable the user to use a variety of emoticons. With these applications, both participants in the chat will need to have the emoticons installed in order for them to appear within the conversation window.

  • Emoticons
Emoticons are facial expressions that show pictorially using the punctuation and letters available on a keyboard. They are most commonly used to express the writer's feelings in order to help or change the interpretation of the text. Emoticons are commonly used within emails, in instant messaging, online games and on web forums.

They are typically used in casual and humorous writing and are not intended to be taken too seriously. Some websites, such as Facebook, have the capability to change the text of an emoticon into a small picture. For example, <3 may appear as a small, red heart.

  • Facebook
Facebook is a social networking service that allows users to create personal profiles that can be updated with information about themselves. Users can then add others as friends and exchange messages, photos and videos. One of the more recent additions to Facebook is Facebook chat.

This enables users to talk to other friends, real-time, who are online at the same time. Users can choose to be 'Available to Chat' or 'Appear Offline', the latter meaning that no one can see that they are using the website.

There are a number of funny faces that can be created on Facebook chat with the options already available. Additional Facebook applications can give users an even bigger variety of emoticons to use.
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You can make happy faces and sad faces...
E.g. Hiya :)
there must be a space between the a and the :
The sad face is the same just a (. E.g. No :(
hoped it helped :)

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