I'd really like to know what is used to make these photos? Http://kushandwizdom.tumblr.com?


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The photos used on this site have been altered - captions have been placed on top of each one, along with the Tumblr user's specific logo. The process of adding custom lettering to each photo was probably done with the help of a software application, such as Photoshop.

These software programs (there are many others like Photoshop, including Image Ready) allow users to customize photographs with text boxes, special effects, and cropping and resizing tools. Chances are, the person who made the changes to these photos probably didn't spend more than five minutes adding the right caption and placing it on the photographs. The logo he or she used in the upper corners of each photo are probably saved into the program, as a form of clip art, and then added as needed.

  • How to alter photos
Getting started with altering photos requires software, which may be purchased outright, or used on a trial basis through shareware or freeware websites. Once you have a program you can work with, you'll need to learn how to save pictures onto your computer and manipulate them using your software application. Photos will need to be uploaded onto your software program, then accessed and changed with a series of digital tools.

  • Read the software instructions
The best way to learn exactly what your program can do is by reading any instructions that come with the program, and trying out the free tutorials that are likely included along with the software. If you don't have these features, look online for tips on using your program to create cool photos you'll be proud to show off.

You can display your photos on your own Tumblr account, once you're done Photo shopping them or altering them with another program. You can also save them and share them with family and friends via a blog, or through Facebook or Twitter.

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