What's the best way to manage all my different passwords without jeopardising the security of my accounts?


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Christian Bell-Young , How to manage your passwords, answered

I use the free version of Lastpass, an excellent online vault for all your passwords. You set 1 master password that logs you into your secure vault, and then you save all your passwords in the vault as you go.

It has a checker system that scans your passwords and tells you how strong they are. They help you to strengthen your passwords and also generate really strong passwords if you can't think of anything! All free too!

There is a pro version, but I don't use that. You can download it as a browser extension (I use it in Chrome, but also have it for Safari). Try it out and let me know what you think.

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Jessie Lwing answered

There are several password manager application you can use to manage all your different passwords. I have tried Dashlane, 1password, and the latest one I use is Cyclonis Password Manager.

All the three applications provide the features to scan how strong your present passwords are, and can generate the random and stronger passwords for you if your passwords are scanned as weak ones.

Based on my experiences, the difference between the three that Dashlane and 1password provide the free versions with features-limited and paid version with full features, while Cyclonis Password Manager provides a free version with the full features.

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