What's A Good Tumblr Url?


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I assume the question refers to making a url page on Tumblr (its name characterised by being spelt without an 'e' ). Tumblr, - or tumblr. As it is sometimes referred to in reference to its company name 'Tumblr Inc.' - is one of the largest blogging sites on the internet, allowing its estimated three million members a platform on which they can post any information that they may want via their own personalised 'tumblelog'. The website emphasises the freedom it offers its users to express themselves, allowing them to post anything they wish online, from text, photos, videos, links, famous (or personalised quotations), and even audio files, all as part of their own personal and  individualised blog. Members of the site can read and follow each others blogs, viewing their posts together on their 'dashoboard', and choose to either 'like' other people's posts or else 'reblog' those posts.

The website stresses the importance of self expression for the individual as a whole person. It attempts to do this by removing the purely written elements of traditional blogging websites, and instead allowing its users to try and present on their blog as much as they can about themselves, hence through the use of a whole range of multimedia forms: Photos, video, audio links etc. This, as well as the site's other main focus, communication between its users, means that choosing your personalised url is crucial to  your tumblr experience. Not only should your url seek to represent you as accurately as possible in a few words, it is also the way in which other site users will view you, and thus it shapes the way other bloggers will interact with you. If you are looking for a selection of url names to start you off, then looking at those of other users may help you come up with some ideas of your own - especially looking at the url's of people you know and who may have similar interests to you. As said, the url ought to  be you saying something about yourself to others, and therefore a good place to start is to think about yourself; your interests, passions, personality, and then try and mould some of these into a short statement. Some people shape their url's around their names, perhaps simply adding a statement onto them such as adding a passion to the name Heidie to make 'heidi - arts', or else by making a pun from them, for instance: 'heidicilious'. What you choose id inevitably dependent upon your own character; you may want something which sounds cute and so could put the name of your favourite animal in it, e.g. 'heidi-loves-dolphins'. Or if your passion was rock music you could reference a favourite band, such as 'heidi-hearts-metallica'. Alternatively, you could pick something less obviously personal, but which you believe sums up your personality, or else epitomises your view of the world, if so you may prefer to choose a quotation or phrase such as 'love-me-don't -leave-me' to serve as an url. The most important thing to remember is that the choice is yours and should be as personalised as possible.

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Whatever your blog is going to be about, or just something you are passionate about. Mine is catwiskers, just because I love cats

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