What Is "My Homepage URL" Mean?


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A URL or a Uniform Resource Locator is known as a website address, which is a Uniform Resource Identifier or URI. Every Uniform Resource Locator have a similar layout in the way they are written. The model of the layout looks like this;


The layout or the syntax needs the following: A scheme, which is a protocol and example would be the http scheme which is normally used for communicating with web resources, a domain, which is the hostname of a site, however the IP address of the site can be used instead, a port number and a path or direction to find the resource. A query string is only needed when opening programs, such as Common Gateway Interface and a fragment id is not compulsory. Websites are known as resources and URI is the tool used to collect the resource.

A web browser, such as Google Chrome, is used to browse address of the world wide web, for example, www.123abc.com. With every web browser there will be an area, known as the address bar, where the URL is displayed and the resource will usually be displayed underneath it. When a hyperlink is clicked a new Uniform Resource Locator will be opened, therefore directing the user to another webpage. The URL can be changed manually to redirect the user to a webpage of there choice.

Uniform Resource Locator s are usually composed of letters, such as www.blurtit.com, but they can also be composed of the agreeing IP (Internet Protocol) address, e.g. 87.56.987.343. To change your homepage Uniform Resource Locator, open up your web browser and go into settings to set your desired website address or IP address. By doing this, every time the web browser is opened the first webpage it will go to one that has been set by you.
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I want to set up a google blog.  What would be the url?

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"My Homepage URL'' is a domain name that identifies you or your company on the Internet. This quickly helps specify the file as may be exactly found on the  Internet. Hope this can help. Good luck.
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When you get on the internet, it's the first page that comes up.  For example, if you like news, and your page that comes up is www.cnn.com, that is your homepage url.   

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