Does Anyone Know Good Nicknames Or Msn Names For Amy ?


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Lets see now, how bout Amiable, Aim e zing, ametu  AmeUme, aimetrue, am e no me [amenome] Aim4fun ami/eye ame/zing, Aiming4u, N ame e, Naime. I hope I am on the right track here, if you would like to try to combine with last name give me a shout, we can figure a way to keep it secret! My name is Penny, I like to write, my last name begins with what sounds like sil, ergo my name pencil. I like the one you have here, but I know so many sites require a new one. I hope that I have helped to jog your creativity! Jam/wi/me, me/A/me etc...
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My name is Amy and I literally JUST thought of a good nickname---

Amyzing--- like amazing, but with Amy
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My name is amy I get called alsorts like

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$houlda gone 4 me $9B-£36-   (friend's name) BFF. $18-192837 @~}{!%&(   Lukin' out *)!%"%*? ~}{+_ *!)(^&$(8!) (*!)  Aim-y-for-me (Aim for me, the aim part is supposed to be your name, don't include this mini bit tho)

That's the msn nick-name

Aim-y-for-me Could B your nick name

Aim as in aim for love lol
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Ive got a sister called amy and I sometimes all her:
amybamiboo! Lolz
hope you like them!
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How about aimster?
My best friends name is amy and thats what I call her lolll
hope its not too lame
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My name is amee and my dad calls me amis...also people call me aims, aim, or a-mEEEE because of the 2 e's, sometimes I get aimers too...
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flamiin amy
my name is amy to., and random ppl give me these nicknames hahaha
(L)xx hopeee ii helped./x
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Down Beginning,circle modern lie name subject severe buy offer amount initiative mainly clean vision month secondary implication mouth characteristic above answer library neck political kill worth survive scheme top face thing circle box enjoy ring we change package assembly survey welfare influence forward strong tradition regard down bright new partly quality bloody alternative milk yes pension drive shoe effect theme site woman labour improvement look for photograph allow consider servant will chance leave support negotiation vary flight improvement aid suitable transfer representative prison deputy fight
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That's kind of hard to do, you haven't explained too much about your type of personality. But the one thing that came to mind was IAmAmy. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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