Is The Internet A Boon Or A Bane?


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Whether you consider the internet a boon or a bane really depends on how you use it.

My opinion is that the internet is a tool, just like any other.

The internet: Boon?
  • If you consider the number of different things we use the internet for in our daily life, you'll soon realize that the benefits of the internet far outweigh any problems they cause.
  • Everyone from a shopkeeper to a banker uses the internet at work. And, in a social context, the internet is fundamental to the way we all share information and communicate.
  • Even if you're a complete technophobe who refuses to use computers at all, you'd be surprised to know that the internet is still vital to your existence.
  • Everything from your local grocery store to the highest levels of government uses the internet!
  • The internet has become a global marketplace, a forum for ideas, a huge library, and a great way to keep in touch with friends.

The internet: Bane?

  • Privacy is the thorn in the internet's side. Never before has so much private and sensitive information been available for prying eyes (or illegal hackers) to view. Information is far less secure on the internet.
  • Social media sites are encroaching more and more on an individual's private information, which plenty of users - including myself - do not appreciate.
  • The internet has increased the amount of data available to the user, but there are very limited checks on the accuracy of this information or its source.
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Yes, of course the internet is a bane, because it brings addiction.
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It is a boon definitely.

It's a vast network of computers, and information is available to everyone - from businessman to housewife.

Even companies can display their goods and services with graphics and videos, and lots of shopping arcades are there where people can order goods, and it's the cheapest means of communication. We can be in touch with all our friends.

So, it's definitely a boon.

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