. Performance Is Inversely Related To Delay. When You Use The Internet, Which Of The Following Applications Are More Sensitive To Delay?(justify With A Reason)


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It is true that performance is inversely proportional to delay.
Sending an email is more sensitive to delay than copying a file and surfing the internet.Because  E-mailing may be interrupted due to high latency, but can always assume as soon as the server is performing again, without user interaction.
Surfing the web is not so much affected by delay because due to effect of latency on surfing the net.
Copying a file is less sensitive to delay than surfing the web and sending an e-mail.
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For each of the following four
networks, discuss the consequences if a connection fails. Draw the diagram.

a. Five devices arranged in a mesh

b. Five devices arranged in a star
topology (not counting the hub)

c. Five devices arranged in a bus

d. Five devices arranged in a ring topology

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