Isaac needs to use his DoD workstation to do an online purchase. Which of the following is a security measure for using the internet for e-commerce?


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Nelson Smith , Top 4 Tips to Protect Your Data During Online Purchase, answered

There are many ways you can use to protect yourself from online fraud and scam.

1.  Use Familiar Website - Always purchase from a ecommerce website that is well known, and you fully aware of their purchase process.

2. Provide Less Information: While purchasing online make sure you provide only necessary information. Never share any additional personal details because it may cause further data breach case.

3. Search for Trust Symbol - Ecommerce website has become a popular and most preferred method of buying products. But on the other hand online fraud and other scams also increasing at a constant rate. The Consumer must be aware of the trust symbol such as SSL Certificate, payment protection icon, Google Business Verified & safe transaction. An SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer which protects the information between user browser and the server. SSL certificate are issued by CA (Certificate Authority) only. The business owner can purchase SSL Certificate from Cheap SSL Shop at a discounted price to enable browser green padlock icon. SSL Certificate also enables HTTPS security.

4. Use Strong Password: Always set a strong password for your account. To improve your password strength use number, alphabet, and special character. Change your password if it used too often on another platform.

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Firing Isaac for unauthorised use of a DoD workstation would be an appropriate security measure.  Then firing whoever allowed internet access from that machine's network.

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