How To Unblock Face Book In School?


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Most institutions blocks specific site using a proxy server. When you type it's address proxy server inside your institution will block it.

Try using a free proxy sites. (like , Google for more if your want) if your proxy not block that site too you can enter url in that site's text box and get access to it. There are bunch of free proxy software too. (like free gate). You can use them if you want.

But most important thing is these sites are blocked by a reason. It's not agreed to institutions regulations etc. So you should be more ethical when doing such things. If it seems illegal it's better (and must) not do these things. (Also network admin can monitor these events if he wants)
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There are several proxy sites you can use. Some of them are:
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On the top right corner of your Facebook then click the "Account" tab, go down on the list and click "Privacy Settings" then at the center
of the page toward the bottom there will be a link under "Block Lists"
that says "Edit your lists" Then select the people or applications that
you want to block or unblock.
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Anonymous answered ; Once Yu qet there , Yu qota type in a code that yu see . It Mostly works for Myspace , But Barely EVER works for Facebook : ( But Atleast its sometthinqq . : ) Enjoy : *
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On the top where it's say put an s after the http So it says the S stands for security so it unblocks the site it works for any site not only those of Facebook, the only flaw to that is everytime you click on something different (I.e someones profile, a persons picture) you have to add the s again. So others like to use proxy's I've tried many but my two favorite would have to be & I like kproxy better but the site is not running very often, although proxy's are easier they run a lot slower an you and you cannot do as much stuff because if you click on things that might contain a virus or take up room in your computer it blocks it and shuts down, where the first option is just like you were on the actual site, so I guess they both come with flaws try both of them and see which works better for you or even switch it up..that's what I do. If you are doing this in school and your one of those people who are afraid of getting introuble I reccomend the proxy's that way if your dean or principal tries to acces what you've been on he can't see what it is. Hope I helped(:

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