How To Make Funny Faces For Facebook Chat?


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Facebook with its over 750 million active users worldwide is perhaps the most popular and well-loved social networking site. Facebook allows its users to create their personal profile, and interact with friends. Additionally, users can play games, post pictures, videos and notes, as well as receiving notifications on these activities. Aside from these, users can exchange messages through its private message system and its chat.

Facebook chat allows users to talk, send and receive messages from friends in real time. What makes it even livelier is by adding funny faces. These funny faces add character and expression while chatting with your friends. You can express yourself fully by adding these funny faces. They are easy to make, just follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Facebook account, by accessing its main page
2. Click the "Chat" tab at the lower left side of the page
3. Chat to your friend by clicking his or her user name
4. Write down your message and accompany it with funny faces
5. Just by typing a combination of letters and symbols, you can create any of these funny faces:

● :) - Happy
● =) - Very happy
● :D - Really happy
● ;) - Wink smile
● 8) - Goofy smile
● :p - Tongue sticking out
● ^_^ - Cat smiling
● 3:) - Devil smile
● 0:) - Angel smile
● ",)  - Smile
● :* -  Kiss
● :o - Gasp
● >:o- laughing eyes

You can also add a nose on any of these simply by adding a dash between the eyes and the lips. An example is: :-)

Other symbols which express emotions are:

● <3 - heart
● /3 - broken heart
● <>- love

6. Insert any of these symbols next to your sentence. An example of which is "I am having a good day today :)" or "See you later hotshot ;)"

7. Should you use two successive sentences in one chat message, enter two spaces after the smiley face and begin your second sentence.


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