How To Make Email Id In Facebook?


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The Facebook social networking site allows users to connect with each other over a sustained period of time. As the website has developed, it has allowed for an increasingly large variety of security and privacy settings. When you sign up to the site, you will be given an automatic number otherwise known as a Facebook ID.
To create this Facebook ID you will need to have a pre-existing email address. To begin the process, go to the Facebook homepage and click on 'Sign up'.
When you first decide to sign up you will be asked to provide basic personal information. You will then be required to fill in your date of birth and sex before choosing a password. Always select a password that others will find hard to guess.
You are then able to access the friend finder facility. This will allow you to invite more friends to join you on Facebook. As a new user you can then choose to enter more information about yourself through a number of pages. You can upload a profile photo, as well as choose to enter further information.
The second registration page will ask you about your education and you will be given the option to add data about universities or schools you have attended. You can also enter information about your religious and political beliefs, favourite quotes, books, films and music.
Choose what you enter carefully as a high level of it can be used by marketing companies and there have been numerous Facebook privacy issues publicised recently. Ultimately, please make sure you only enter what you do not mind disclosing to strangers.
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