I Want To Make My Email Id Please Tell Me How I Made My Email Id?


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Depending on which email service you use to send and receive your email, you can easily make an email ID. All you need to do is visit the website of choice, choosing from one of the following:

• Gmail, one of the main email accounts you can get today, which coincides with the Google brand, meaning eventually you will also be able to join the new social networking site Google+ when it leaves its beta stage and goes out to the masses
• Hotmail is arguably the biggest email provider around at the moment, probably due to its Windows Live Messenger program and the fact that it runs with Internet Explorer.
• Yahoo is another incredibly popular email provider too, which can be used with Yahoo Messenger to keep in touch with all of your contacts through their instant messaging services.

To make your email ID on your chosen email provider website, you just have to visit the site and follow the instructions given. You can choose between signing up if you haven't already got your email ID or signing in if you have already got an account. If you have forgotten any of your email ID information, you merely have to click either the link referring to losing your password or losing your username/email address and they will send you an email containing your details to the account that you offered as an alternative account when you initially signed up to use the email services.

Then, all you need to do is open up your other email account, access the email and information then go back to the website and insert your password and email address and you will be able to access your emails again on your old account.
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There are a number of free email services available on the internet. You can use either one of them to make your email address. You can use Yahoo Mail offered by Yahoo, Hotmail offered by msn, Gmail offered by Google etc. The sign up process is almost the same for each one of them. Here I will describe how you will sign up for gmail.

Go to On the bottom right you will find an option for "Sign up for Gmail". Click on it, another page will open. You will have to fill in certain personal details such as name, desired log in, password, Security question, location etc. Then you will be alloted a certain id for your email, that you choose yourself.

you can start using gmail once you get confirmation that you have alloted that id and password.

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I am describing it in stepwisestep:1  Go to the web page for which you want to make a id  2:click button sign up   3:Then a page will appear and you supply all the information .  4:After all you click button I accept then your id will be ganerated
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I can make a new id but I am don't know how to male a id
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It is very simple and easy to make your email id. For most of the times the instructions are given on the web page. First of all you would need to decide what email service to use. The three best emai services over here are Yahoo, hotmail and gmail. All three of them not only give you an option for sending and receiving emails but also of chatting online with friends. Their webpage addresses are

Once you have decided which email service to use. You can then log on to the webpage address given above. Once you are there, click on the option that says "Register your email". It will lead you to a form that asks for some personal information. Once you have filled that, you would have to decide on a username for your email id and also a password. Once you have done that, you would have to agree on the  terms and conditions by the service provider. At the end of this process, you would need to submit all this information and you will get an email id and also a confirmed email password.

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There are a great variety of websites available which will provide you with a free email account so that you can keep in touch with friends and family.

Hotmail, Yahoo and Google are the main free providers and you can set up an account within minutes of visiting the site. Hotmail and Yahoo also provide free instant messaging services which enable you to chat over the internet connection LIVE with your contacts and hold interactive conversations with one or more persons.
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Just go to any sites suck as,,,, ect., and creat a free account. I suggest Gmail is awsome!
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Go to and somewhere on the page near the mail it will say log in or sign up, click on sign up and fill in all the info. It's really easy
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You need to visit the desired E-mail provider's "Sign up" page and then fill in the online form.
Following are the E-mail ID creator pages of famous E-mail providers, Visit them.
Yahoo E-mail creator form,
Gmail E-mail creator form,
Windows Live/Hotmail E-mail Creator form.
You can visit any or all of them and create your E-mail. Have fun!
You can then use that E-mail to confirm registration of blurtit and get more advantages at this wonderful community.
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Yes sammay59 is right its really easy...

you can use any of the free services...


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