I Want To Make An E-mail Id In Orkut, What To Do?


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Google Inc own and operate the social networking site, Orkut (which has been named after its creator, Google employee, Orkut Buyukkokten) so if you want to create an email ID for it all that you need to do is to open a GMail account, which will give you access to lots of Google services.

To do this you must first visit this page: www.google.com/accounts/NewAccount?service=mail&continue Here you will be able to fill in all of your details and create your account.

Orkut is not as popular as other networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, but it is one of the most visited sites in India and Brazil with more than a 100 million active users.

Originally, joining Orkut was by invitation only so that a network of trusted people could develop and grow. Although it originated in Brazil there were soon members all over the world, particularly in the United States because Brazilians were asking the people that they knew in these places to join.

As Orkut became more and popular in Brazil, the number of Americans who were members began to decline because of the language barriers. In 2007, India seemed to discover Orkut and more and more then joined, completely undeterred by any language issues.

It is easy to see how it has grown if we look at the population figures of the site in 2004 when it was created: Brazil - 5.16 per cent, USA - 51.36 per cent; in 2011 the figures are a complete reversal with, Brazil - 55.2 per cent, USA - 1.5 per cent.

Today, Orkut is proving itself to be very popular in another country that is as diverse from Brazil as India is: Estonia, with membership figures rising all the time as it has become the most used social networking site in that country.
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I don't know how to make my email id so please tell me only one way or straight way
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Please give me the permission to make my email id
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If @ all you have an id with G-MAIL then you can directly login with tat ID and password.
If you don't have it they you can give your personal ID and password to login.To sing up open Orkut.com and click on sign up option and then follow the instructions.
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My name som if you creat aid so go to google.com and click on sin in have a nice day

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