How Do We Create A E-mail Id In Orkut?


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Orkut is Google's social network which allows you to maintain friendships with people and also reach out to new people with whom you might have something in common. Although Orkut was initially released with an invitation system, meaning that you could only join the site after being sent an invitation by an existing user, it is now open to the general public and you can sign in simply by using a Google Account. If you do not have a Google Account, it is quick, easy and free to create one and will provide you with a Gmail or googlemail email address.

Orkut was established in 2002 after a rejected takeover bid for Friendster, and is named after Google developer Orkut Büyükkökten who was the initial lead on the project. It is extremely popular in Brazil and the take up of the service there has led to its headquarters being moved from California to the Google offices in Belo Horizonte where the service is now hosted. As a result, however, its popularity in the United States has waned due to the number of people communicating in Portuguese. It has also become popular in India with 39 per cent of the current user base coming from the sub-continent and 55 per cent from Brazil.

The service has been censored in some Middle Eastern countries including Iran and Saudi Arabia so if you are trying to access it from there you may have difficulties.
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One way is get an invitation from one of your friends.
Another way is to create an e-mail in gmail and register your e-mail id with orkut.
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Orkut is a social networking site and is one of the most popular ways for people to connect to each other. To access you have to register yourself with an existing email address and create an account with your exclusive identification and password.

Orkut is a part of Google and is owned by them. After creating your account you have to create your profile where you put in various information about yourself. You start off by describing yourself, your birthday, your status, your humor style and other personal choices like your favourite kind of music, movies, books and television serials. You fill in information about your contact address and phone number. These details can be visible to your friends or strangers depending upon the filters you choose.

After putting in information about yourself you can upload your photographs and fill in other personal and professional details. One of the most important features of Orkut which has made it so popular is its ability to search your old friends and acquaintances that are also a part of this wide network.

There are various communities which you can join and become a member of depending on your interests. You can create communities as well about causes you feel strongly about. You can send messages to your friends and people you want to befriend.

Orkut in conclusion is a great tool to meet old friends, make new ones and meet people with the same interests and view points.
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Many times I trying to create id but its not getting n always asking about users name,am typing users name correct only but again same.....can you please tel me how it will possible

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