How To Create A Educomp Smart Class Email Id And Password?


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To create an Educomp Smart Class email ID and password in order to make an account, you must attend a school that is registered with the Educomp system. The majority of schools that use the services offered by Educomp are based in India, and are of a private nature. If you attend a school registered with the Educomp system, signing up is easy. Simply use the email ID given to you by your teacher, and fill out some basic details. You will also have to create a password which will then be used to log into your personal account.

  • The Educomp Smart Class experience

The Educomp Smart Class system offers an interactive platform for online learning. It is aimed at secondary school students completing school level qualifications such as maths, science and history. The site allows students to access learning resources from home, school or anywhere else in the world - all that is needed is a computer. The Educomp system offers a new way in which to learn, enticing students to study more, and makes revision convenient and hassle free.

  • Features of the Educomp Smart Class system

The Educomp Smart Class system offers a range of notes and presentations from which to learn from; summary sheets offer basic points and then students can go on to read about various subjects in more depth. Students can test themselves with interactive quizzes. Any incorrectly answered questions can be noted at the end, allowing students to see where they have gone wrong. The Educomp system is an ideal tool to be used to support classroom learning.
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I want 2 make an acount
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Even I have tried thousands of times to create an account!

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