Can Anyone Give Me A Real Educomp Smartclass Username And Password?


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We tried to get in contact with the Educomp Smartclass website by sending them an email, but unfortunately we received no reply. We did find however, a way to set up an account for the online service but we are unsure as to if that gives you the option to use the other resources or apply for them. At the very least it should out you in contact with the correct departments. Here is how you can create an online account:

  • On the home page scroll down to the list of 'PRODUCTS' and click on the third option down - Educomp Online.
  • This should take you to the next page with three or so paragraphs of text and a screenshot below.
  • On the right hand side of this page there is a small box titled 'RELATED LINKS'. If you click on the first option - Visit Educomp Online, this will open up a new window.
  • In this new window there you should find a large window with several pictures scrolling through promoting the product. (The first image is titled says 'get the power of the pen'.)
  • In the bottom left of this screen you will see four options: Home ' About Us ' Contact Us ' Member Login.
  • Click 'Member Login' and it will load the login page. On this page next to the LOGIN icon it should say; are you experiencing login problems? - click this line.
  • Five options appear and you can select to sign up for a User ID and Password by selecting the icon.

We hope these instructions are clear and direct you to the correct login page. If you have any problems please contact Educomp from the home page my clicking on the 'Contact Us' Tab. is a promotional video gives you some additional information and a demonstration of how the system actually works and how it was developed.

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