How Do I Find Unsaved Passwords Used On My Laptop?


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If a password is unsaved, then strictly speaking there should be no way that you can find it out legitimately. If you are having trouble remembering your passwords, then some websites allow you to write prompts and hints when you sign up in order to help you in the event that you forget it.

If you still cannot remember a password online, there is normally an option that allows you to reset the password by answering a security question. Again the security question is normally something that you have set up yourself when you signed up for the website in question.

According to the Use Wisdom website, the key to selecting a good password is having one that is hard for others to guess but easy for you to remember. The most difficult passwords to guess are:

• Random characters, mixing letters and numbers
• Mixed case words, replacing letters with numbers, such as 'No50Way' or 'UR2good4me'
• Mixed case words, such as TuNasAndWich
• Mixed case words with numbers
• Dictionary and foreign language words. Foreign words will generally be tougher for others to guess.

If you are having trouble remembering your passwords, then internet browsers will normally allow you to store them so that you do not have to enter them every time that you visit a website. The Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers both allow users to do this. Mozilla Firefox also allows people to set up a single master password which gives you access to all of your different passwords across various websites.

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